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How to Buy a Home in ABQ, New Mexico

If you are entertaining the idea of buying a home in Albuquerque we’ve got some amazing tips for you below! We map out the whole process so you can know what it means to buy a house… before you buy one!

NM Homies Real Estate – Helping you buy and sell in ABQ, New Mexico

Let’s buy a house!?

The majority of the time, people are already in the process of buying a home when they learn about it. However, if you like being prepared, we have the ideal guide for you! The home buying process can be intimidating if you are not familiar with it but once you become familiar it’s a lot easier to trust the process! We have broken down each stage of buying a home and the steps within each stage. 

Timeline of the buying process

  1. Stage 1:Start the Process – you’ve decided it’s time to buy a house! 
    • Talk to NM Homies when you are thinking of buying!
    • Getting pre-approved – we will help you link up with a top-notch mortgage lender.
    • Start looking for a home – NM Homies goes over the whole process of goal setting for your new home and we start hunting!
    • Make an offer – We help write offers, negotiate deals, and everything in between with the buyer (you!) and the seller, helping you feel confident that everything is professionally taken care of for one of the largest purchases of your life!
    • Complete inspections – our team and transaction coordinator collaborate to get everything set up for you.
  2. Stage 2: Commit to a Place – offers are in and accepted, and inspections are done. We are all set to continue buying your dream place!
    • Sign documents – NM Homies guides you through all the paperwork so you know all the details.
    • Under contract – WOOHOO! We are under contract. 
    • Disclosures signed – with all the info in one place, we all sign off that this deal is happening!
  3. Stage 3: Cover the Details- you can’t forget the details to ensure the property you’ve chosen is worth the investment.
    • Appraisal & Report – We guide you through all the reports on your soon-to-be new home.
    • Final conditions
    • Contingencies cleared
  4. Stage 4: Almost There- This is where the fun part starts because you are almost there!
    • Sent to underwriting
    • Time to sign!
    • Clear to close
    • Final walkthrough – with all docs signed and everything agreed upon, you get one more final walkthrough of your new home!
  5. Stage 5: Congratulations!
    • Closing time – NM Homies is there for you every step of the way and will be with you at the closing table!


We have a FREE Buyers Roadmap PDF just for you! Click here

Dream scrolling your next ABQ home but haven’t talked with anyone about making it a reality? Let’s chat about the market here and maybe even look at some houses! Give us a call and let’s get you going!


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