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Listing Your House 101 – pt 1

Listing Your Home 101 – in ABQ, New Mexico

NM Homies Real Estate – Helping you buy and sell in ABQ, New Mexico

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into listing a home? Listing a home isn’t just about putting the home on a website and clicking a few buttons. Your realtor does a lot of things behind the scenes too to list your house and we are here to break it down!

What does listing a home mean?

Listing your house allows real estate agents to market that a property is for sale in the real estate market. Doing this through a real estate agent is key as they have access to resources and info that the regular public does not. This will always give you more of an advantage than just putting a for sale sign in your yard.

Where Is it listed?

Real estate agents list your home and all its details on a website called the regional multiple listing service (MLS). The multiple listing service (MLS) is an online database that real estate agents use to buy and sell homes for their clients. The MLS, which is only accessible to real estate professionals, is updated throughout the day, every day. Agents can show their buyers home, share listings and find a home that meets their needs. The information on the listing is based on the real estate listing terms agreed upon by you (the owner) and the agent authorized to handle the sale of your property.

Other tasks that realtors perform when listing a home

When your realtor lists your home, they also price it, conduct market research, hold team meetings, negotiate, and hold open houses. They will also market your home in print, digital, social media, and advertisements. Your real estate agent should also perform a comparative market analysis to determine a competitive sales price for a new listing. Realtors also manage showings, take offers, and write contracts. They ensure everything is in line. Let’s not forget that an excellent real estate agent will help you set your goals before starting the process.

Setting your goals will help you determine the best route for the selling process and if you are also buying a home it will determine what kind of buyer you are. 

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