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Looking For a Home in ABQ?

If you are looking for a home in Albuquerque you may have wondered if you are alone in your journey

NM Homies breaks down the types of buyers we have worked with and continue to work with. You are not alone! Keep reading to see which category you fall into!

NM Homies Real Estate – Helping you buy and sell in ABQ, New Mexico

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New Homeowners:

First-time homeowners can be nervous and a little scared when it comes to buying their first place. However, we’ve worked with plenty of newbies and make it our priority to keep open and clear lines of communication throughout the entire process. This helps our clients feel more at ease and less stressed throughout their buying process. In the beginning of your process we go over your goals, dreams, and necessities so that when it comes down to it, you don’t feel like you are guessing at this process. NM Homies is here for you!

Second-time Buyers:

For our second-time buyers, we understand that you’ve been through this before but that this next house could possibly be your forever home or close to it! We take great care in the transaction to ensure that you are getting your non-negotiables for a price you love! We are there with you every step of the way and are ready to help you commit to a place that makes the most sense for you long-term.


We are keeping our eye on the market 24/7 and are always looking for our client’s next best deal. For those looking to invest in their next rental property we are constantly scouring the MLS and sending updated listings to our clients that fit their criteria! Our whole team is also available to show houses so that when you need to jump on a deal, we are there to open the door for you.

Relocation from Out of State:

We have a lot of folks relocating to New Mexico from the coastal states. We have perfected virtual showings and have a whole team to help you take a listing on a website into reality. Working with an agent on our team means you get someone in state that is seeing houses for you, creating deals and is dedicated to understanding exactly what it is that you want in your next home. It’s never been easier to move to New Mexico from out of state when you are working with the NM Homies team.

Downsizing from Kids:

When downsizing this may mean needing to sell your current home… NM Homies has team members that can take care of both selling your house and simultaneously finding you your next dream home. We are proficient in taking care of our clients so that there is no lag time in-between when you sell and when you move into your new place.

Upsizing for Family:

Looking for your family home can be daunting because ideally, this might be the place your family stays for the next 8-10 years. We are dedicated to finding the best options for you with everything you are looking for. There are a lot of houses out there and it’s our job to do all the looking for you so that when the weekend comes and it’s time to get into houses we have the perfect list lined up for you.

There is more as well! Give us a call and let’s get you going on your next step in life!


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