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Why the holidays are the best time to move!

If you are thinking of moving into your next home in Albuquerque in the next 3 months, we’ve got some amazing tips for you below! The holiday season can be a sneaky-good time to move and here’s why.

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Are the holidays actually the best time to move? ?

The holidays are approaching and selling and moving can be the last thing people think about doing. Moving can already be stressful and most people can’t fathom moving in their busiest time of year… but you aren’t most people, are you? ? After all you are here reading this blog! So without further adieu…

Here are some MAJOR pros to selling & moving during the holidays:

Less competitive market

During the holiday months, the market has a tendency to slow down a little bit… So for some people, this could be a better time to grab that offer that just came in and buy their next place! ? During November and December, people usually start to focus on the upcoming holidays and whether it be intentionally or unintentionally those in the buyer’s market tend to focus on where they are currently and slow down their buying search…This means less competition for YOU when it comes to putting an offer in on a home!

Now could be the perfect time to strike on your next home. Let’s chat about finding you the best deal > Shoot us a DM or head to the link in our bio to scroll homes!

Seasonal discounts

There are holiday discounts on everything you need in a new home from paint to new furniture! There are some killer deals on appliances for your new space if needed! Also, most moving services’ have their busiest time of the year in the summer. Moving around during the holidays means you can usually take advantage of lower rates on everything from moving services to storage rentals. Which means no competition for a moving truck! 

You get to start the new year right

Moving before the new year helps you prepare to start off fresh. As you begin to decorate your new home you are also starting a new beginning! 

Winter purge

Do you know what invites a new beginning? DECLUTTERING! Moving is the perfect opportunity to sort through all your things and donate things you no longer want or need. The holidays are a perfect time to give back the things your family no longer needs.

More time off

Since it’s already the holiday season you might be getting some days off already so you might not have to ask for any extra. Sure it might not be how you envisioned spending your holidays but sure helps not to have to cram so much work moving after a long day of work! 

And the best one yet

You can ditch the long holiday parties. It’s always fun to be with the family/friends and catch up but if you are one of those people that like to dip early or maybe you can’t host the holiday dinner, moving is the perfect excuse (and no one will judge you).

Contemplating your next move within the next few months? Give us a call and let’s get you going!


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