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Why We Hold Open Houses in ABQ, NM

Why We Hold Open Houses in ABQ, NM

NM Homies Real Estate – Helping you buy and sell in ABQ, New Mexico

Have you thought about listing your home but need to figure out what exactly goes into it? Well, the first step is contacting NM Homies and the rest is in our hands. But one of the things we do the best is Open Houses. Folks have different opinions on these but we are here to clear up why we do them, how we do them well, and why they are necessary when you have a listed home for sale.

Why are we passionate about holding open houses for your listing?

Open houses can be uncomfortable for some sellers, especially when they are still living in the home… maybe you don’t want people walking through your sanctuary… and we get that, but the reality is open houses can be an amazing tool when it comes to selling your home for top dollar. Hosting an open house is one of the best ways to build relationships with potential buyers and show your listing to the world.

Open House… The Marketing Master

Hosting an open house allows the home to be viewed by many people in a short amount of time. Therefore it can lead to the property getting more offers at a higher price point and/or selling a lot quicker. Meaning you can get to your next big life step!

Potential Buyers Are More Comfortable 

Sometimes potential home buyers shy away from asking to view a house because they are not sure if they are ready to commit to purchasing. Open houses allow future home buyers to view homes without feeling obligated to buy a house at that particular time. They get the full experience of your home without feeling pressured to schedule an appointment. The open house just might be the nudge the buyers needed to take the leap.

Bringing In The Unexpected Buyer

Open houses are the perfect opportunity to showcase the home to people who may not be in yours or our network. A property can attract new people one wouldn’t necessarily meet on a normal day of work, creating new leads for your listing!

Opportunity to Give Details

This is the chance to give our spiel and share all the details we know about the neighborhood and the perks of the home that aren’t translatable on a website or social graphic. In this instance we are also able to educate the buyer on all the details you love that make your home so special!

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